Why Choose Us

Professional Recruiters

The strong foundation that Tempserv built continues today with the dedication of our professional recruitment team.

In addition to the wealth of experience and quality staffing solutions, these attentive recruiters serve with unwavering commitment and passion, to achieve high performance standards. This is how we keep the shine on our brand for years to achieve a reliable reputation.

At Tempserv, we promise assurance and responsibility - two fundamental values that are so important to many of our customers.

Harnessing these values, we also believe in providing high-quality follow up services to ensure your organization’s satisfaction with our candidates.

Systematic Recruitment Process

We adopt a highly systematic and proven procedure to verify our candidates’ caliber, during our recruitment process. We deliver by:

  1. Identifying your recruitment needs
  2. Understanding detail requirements of each position
  3. Recruiting strategies to attract right candidates
  4. Conducting thorough interviews to shortlist candidates
  5. Presenting candidates for your consideration & interviews
  6. Following up closely to ensure your satisfaction with the selected candidates

These 6 meticulous steps are the foundation to our success. They are also commitments that precisely set us apart from the competition.

Fast Response to clients requirement

Our team treats each job order that we receive with great sense of urgency. Above all, we set high internal standards for our response to your orders.

This is the special privilege that we want our customers to enjoy, for you satisfaction of our prompt & effective respond from our friendly and professional recruiters.

Flexible and Responsive

Flexibility ensures our attention to the changing environment, as well as your recruitment needs and staffing solutions. We listen. We monitor. We identify.

Recognizing these changing organizational needs, we react swiftly, based on our insights, to ensure the highest standard of selection.

These are the four values we live by and we pride over this special relationship we share with every single client.

They are the foundation of who we are:

A Resourceful, Responsible and Respectable recruitment firm.