About Tempserv

We are a rapidly expanding recruitment firm that delivers reliable manpower solutions that meets our clients’ needs. Established in 1999, we’ve been catering to a rich diversity of corporations in various business fields such as government, banking, manufacturing, IT and healthcare.

Our characteristic people-oriented recruiters adopt systematic and effective operations to identify, monitor and respond attentively in each assignment of our stringent recruitment process. We offer outstanding follow up services to ensure your satisfaction with the selected candidates.

As a passionate and committed firm, we are actively assisting our talents to explore the right career path by selecting the potential candidates to help our clients achieve their business goals. Such dedications have distinguished us as a premium recruitment firm, with lauding approvals from our clients.

Corporate Mission

To deliver seamless manpower solutions for both our clients and jobseekers by attracting and sourcing potential candidates to fulfill every level of our clients’ recruitment requests.

Corporate Objectives

To foster positive and lasting relationships by facilitating successful criteria between our clients and jobseekers.